Diamond resources – mining, trade and control

Diamond resources of the world or 26 000 kilos of Diamonds annually. Who owns all these tons of diamonds? Who mines, sales and controls this wealth. 

You can see in our latest articles more about the origin of world diamonds, where they come from and where they go. World of diamond is much more complicated and there are many secrets that are hidden from public eye. So, no matter do you find them in the jewellery store or heavy industry tools they all make the world go round.

One company that is trying to dominate worldwide in diamond industry pops up every time we speak about diamond resources in Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Canada, UK. De Beers cartel of companies is involved in general mining and distribution all over the world trying to consolidate all activity in global “diamond” monopoly.

Trough their Diamond Trading Company they manage to sell major part of the world’s rough diamonds by value as they are strongly interested in high quality gemstones.

One of the most scandal issues, still to remember happened in 80s in Botswana, when a tribe of Bushmen were expelled from their homeland where diamond resources were found. The company was also seriously involved in “blood diamond” process although currently they guarantee only 100 “conflict free” production.

Russia is world diamond leader having almost 30% of the world production. But, its deposits contain mostly too small in size stones that go for industrial needs. The diamond industry in Russia is monopolized by one operator – state company Alrosa http://www.alrosa.ru/

The largest Brazilian diamond mine Duas Barras is 55% owned and operated by Brazil Minerals, Inc. or “BMIX” – USA Corporation that is also exploring gold in the country.

Argyle is the largest diamond mine of Australia located in their Kimberley region. The mine is owned by Rio Tinto Group – another major multinational mining corporation. It is based in London but operates worldwide. Diamonds are just a part of its large portfolio including aluminium, iron ore, copper, uranium and coat. http://www.riotintoalcan.com/

Like oil, diamonds are a resource that attracts the attention of many participants but only the big sharks can survive. Obviously, prices are regulated by agreement between the major players. De Beers controls the market of gems diamonds and keeps the prices high while in Industrial diamonds field Russia, because of its massive resources and state politics can afford to sell below market prices. However, no one is really interested to reduce significantly the price of diamonds and this resource will stay “expensive”.


Russian Diamond mine Udachni in Syberia. Photo by Vladislav Vorotnikov.
Russian Diamond mine Udachni in Syberia. Photo by Vladislav Vorotnikov.

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