Abrasives in Dental Industry

Abrasives in Dental Industry are widely used. This is why we will pay more detailed attention to different forms of abrasives and polishers used by Dentists and Dental Technicians.

Dental care is a complex process that often requires cleaning of sensitive surfaces and restoration of teeth – partially or completely. Each of these procedures has many different phases and each requires very precise abrasive tools. One of the main dental instruments is the dental polisher that is used for rotary grinding instruments.

Two types of professionals in the dental industry work with abrasives and polishers – dentists and dental technicians. They use similar tools but with different characteristics that meet the specifics of their work:

  • In Dental Clinics Dentists work directly in the mouth of their patient with extreme caution and under the peculiar angle. Because of this specificity, they have a variety of specially adapted dental instruments and special Fraction Grip Standard. They shape, polish and smooth the natural teeth or dentures and implant to the desired shape and form. Therefore they often use CA that stands for “contra angle” snout.
Abrasives in Dentistry
Abrasives in Dental Care


  • In Dental laboratories Technicians work on their desktops and the object they process is available before them. This allows them to modify the workpiece freely using a much wider range of abrasive dental tools. Technicians prepare prosthetic constructions, crowns, bridges, model casting constructions. They use dental polishers adding shank into the dental HP that stands for “hand piece”.
Dental laboratories Technicians
Dental laboratories Technicians


Dental abrasives can be divided into several groups based on different criteria:

1. According to their terms of use abrasives in dental industry are:

  • disposable are for single usage only and then have to be deposed as solid waste
  • with mandrels, wherein the abrasive part can be changed, but the basis remains for subsequent use

2. According to whom they are designed abrasives in dental industry are:

  • dentists and dental clinics
  • dental technicians and dental laboratories

3. According to dental material they process abrasives in dental industry are:

4. According to the abrasive substance they are made of abrasives in dental industry are:

5. According to their function:

  • Cutting
  • Shaping
  • Smoothing
  • Polishing


Abrasives in Dentistry and Dental Laboratories
Abrasives in Dentistry

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