European and Russian Abrasive Manufacturers

In this article we will take a look for some valuable listings and information regarding main EU and Russian abrasive manufacturers.

European Abrasive Manufacturers

In order to make quality observation of European Abrasive manufacturers list it is very solid beginning starting with better understanding of the European Abrasive market. The data below  was taken from article The Abrasives Industry In Europe and North America: A Market / Technology Report, published in November 2009.  It gives us the Big picture view on EU abrasive business.

Statistics shows that Germany is the largest Abrasive market in EU having 27% of total 3.4 billion euros EU annual abrasive business value. In 2008 EU consumed 80 tons of industrial superabrasives made of diamonds. Annually EU consumes bonded, coated abrasive products and loose abrasives up to around 200,000 tonnes. Please note that Russia is not included in this data. We will see more about it below.

Federation of European producers of Abrasives

There are few trustable sources of information and listings of Abrasive manufacturers you may see when you look for quality suppliers.

First in the list we would like to point your attention to  the Active member of Federation of European producers of Abrasives located in Milan, Italy.

The Federation reports that in 2013 it represented 143 names in Abrasive Industry from 19 countries.
It also works in close cooperation with regional and national associations in:

  • Austria /FSKI/
  • France /SNAS/
  • Germany /VDS/
  • Italy /Federchimica/
  • Slovenia /GZS/
  • Spain /ANFA/
  • Sweden /SSDL/
  • United Kingdom /The BAF/.
abrasive production
abrasive products

Russian Association of Abrasive Manufacturers

Russian Assosiation of Abrasive Manifacturers is web located at The organization represents
12 main abrasive producers in the coutry but their information is avaivable only is Russian Having in mind that  that Russian is the largest global provider of Industrial and Synthetic diamonds for abrasive industry we will list here all members including their web address /if available/ plus few words describing their production:

  • Boksitogorski Glinozem, main manifacturer of white electrocorundum.
  • Belgorodski Abrazivni Zavod manifacturer of waterproof sandpaper and flexible grinding tools.
  • Volzki Abrazivni Zavod manufacturer of abrasive grinding wheels on ceramic bond.
  • Zaporozki Abraziv Kombinat variouse abtasive production.
  • ISMA Ivanovski Stroitelnie materiali i abrazivi grinding wheels on bakelite, vulcanite and vitrified bond.
  • Konsulinski Abtazivni Zavod manifacturer of grinding wheels
  • Luzski Abrasivni Zavod manifacturer of cutting and grinding wheels, segments, bars
  • Moskovski Abrazivni Zavod manufacturer of grinding wheels Vitrified diameter up to 100 mm for use at speeds of 35-80 m/s
  • Poltava Almazni Zavod manifacturer of synthetic diamond and diamond tools.
  • Federalnoe Gosudarstvenoe Predpriatie “Stankoimport” manifacturer of metalworking equipment and tools.
  • Sankt Petersburg Zavod “Sankoreks” abrasive segments for grinding and polishing of natural stone
abrasive belts
abrasive belts


Abrasive Discs
Abrasive Discs

More information abour the regional assosiations and chembers , related to Abrasive Industry you can find in the Abrasive Hub here

Grinding Wheels
Grinding Wheels

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