Diamond Abrasives Tools – Heavy Duty Abrasives.

Diamond is the hardest natural material. It is the top hard material at Mohs Scale and has 10 of 10 rating. Diamond is familiar to people from thousand of years but its “wok carrier” started in 20th century when 2 … Continued

Sandpaper – most popular abrasive

The history and modern use of Sandpaper – most popular mineral abrasive. While we know that the sandpaper was invented by the Chinese in the 13th century, the man who introduced this tool in the modern world is John Oakey. … Continued

Diamond abrasive powders.

Diamond abrasive powders, separated in types by size and fields of use. Diamonds are among most common materials used for maintenance of hard and harsh materials. Depending on the size of the single crystal the “powder” may be used for variety … Continued

Abrasives in Dental Industry

Abrasives in Dental Industry are widely used. This is why we will pay more detailed attention to different forms of abrasives and polishers used by Dentists and Dental Technicians. Dental care is a complex process that often requires cleaning of sensitive surfaces and … Continued

Abrasive tools+useful links included.

The industry needs more and better abrasive tools. To meet this need, science made it possible to create a perfect replicas of natural minerals. This is whort the list of mineral abrasives with links to articles with more information.  Mineral abrasives … Continued