Abrasive tools+useful links included.

The industry needs more and better abrasive tools. To meet this need, science made it possible to create a perfect replicas of natural minerals. This is whort the list of mineral abrasives with links to articles with more information.  Mineral abrasives … Continued

Abrasive Minerals

What makes these minerals so special? Use and main characteristics.  see more about minerals here http://diamondabrasives.eu/category/about-minerals/ Abrasive minerals are crucial for the industry and even the performance of purely domestic tasks. The diversity of these tasks reflects in their diversity in … Continued

Diamond resources – mining, trade and control

Diamond resources of the world or 26 000 kilos of Diamonds annually. Who owns all these tons of diamonds? Who mines, sales and controls this wealth.  You can see in our latest articles more about the origin of world diamonds, where … Continued