Borazon or Cubic boron nitride

Borazon or Cubic boron nitride is remarkable piece of synthetic mineral we would like to tell you about. 

Borazon or Cubic boron nitride is not familiar to the public but it is one of most mighty and forceful abrasive in the world. It is synthetic mineral of crystal structure that varies in color from black to gold. Having the hardness of diamond unlike it, Borazon is not afraid of the heat and lasts up to 2000 degrees. To compare – the diamond burns at 800-900 degrees.

That’s why it Borazon or Cubic boron nitride is widely used in industry to the treatment of most harsh and resistant materials:
– Hardened and cemented steel with a hardness of 50,55, 60 HRC and higher
– Bearing steels
– And high-speed steel tools, including tungsten alloys and also alloyed with vanadium and cobalt
– Hardened alloy steel
– Hot rolled steels and alloys
– Materials sensitive to local temperature stresses and thermal hits /molded magnets, ferrite/

Cubics boron nitride most popular name in industry is Borazon. It was invented in the middle of 20th century by Robert H. Wentorf Jr. in USA. The name Borazon was given to it by General Electric Company.

Borazon or Cubic boron nitride has its unique abrasive reputation because of its efficiency. It has much greater cutting efficiency, offers consistency of performance over the entire operating that is leading to increasing the productivity of 2.5 to 3 times. Discs of cubic boron nitride have high cutting efficiency, which several times exceeds that of conventional abrasives and keeps its performance to the end of its using. Hardness of Borazon allows making of parts with high precision and its low heat release allows treatment of surface layer to highest quality.

Because of its characteristics Borazon often replaces diamonds and aluminium oxide as favorite abrasive for grinding and polishing of superalloys, steel and iron.

Cubic boron nitride Borazon
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